Thursday, November 5, 2009


I ran the St George marathon in early October. I was really proud of myself, seeing as I wasn't even going to do it. I didn't feel ready. A week before I went on a double date with a friend. Her boyfriend was running it and talked me into it. Those last miles were really hard, but overall it was really fun. Especially sleeping in the car the night before!


We went to Flagstaff for out family vacation in August. I had to take the opportunity to show off my cute nieces and nephew! This is princess Katie in her birthday dresses. It was so fun to see how excited Katie and Paul were when they got their new dress ups from gma and gpa.
Flagstaff was so beautiful and such a great vacation spot there was tons to do. We went to some natural water slides they were so much fun. The kids loved them, especially Averi. By the end she was passed out on Matt's shoulders sleeping on his head. It was precious.

Chelsey in her cute new hat she found on our shopping spree and little Averi

how cute is she?!

This was our delicious meal, BBQ bacon burger and onion rings. It was way good, from the book burgers, milkshakes and fries. Yum yum I would highly recommend, although we couldn't have dipped all those onion rings with out Aaron and Chelsey's help.

on a little hike in the grand canyon

watching old cartoons from my childhood with Paul and Katie

Paul doing his adorable cheese face

me and my way cute sis Abby