Friday, August 7, 2009

San Diego Overnight

Adam came with me to San Diego for an overnight recently. We had soooooo much fun! It was such a busy day. First we grabbed some subs and took a ferry over to Coronado. Once we arrived we rented this funny little bike cart. We drove it around the "island" and stopped at the beach for a while. Coronado was so cute and quaint. The houses look like little beach bungalows. After we spun around town for a while we grabbed some ice cream and headed back on the ferry. Then we took the train down to old town. We walked around the shops and found this cute little candy shop with chocolate covered honey comb, yum! We shopped a bit then headed for dinner to this delicious mexican restaurant. It was such a fun filled day! "nonstop" fun!
this is the funny little thing we drove around in. it was my favorite part!

The Ranch

we went up to Adam's Grandparents cabin (aka "the ranch") last month for a weekend. It was a way fun trip we went boating during the day and in the evenings we played games, played basketball and shot BB guns (i got a new pink one from Connie Thanks!) It was so beautiful up their it was so green and serene! It looked just like something out of a painting. Adam, Kerry, and I were able to go for a bike ride and it was so gorgeous!
this picture makes me laugh so hard! We are being hillbilly hicks! I think we nailed it!
munchin on the boat
wake boarding, Adam and Jake could do some pretty cool tricks!
Shooting jugs of water. We also shot some old condiments, like ketchup. Those were the best, pow!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Happy 26th Birthday Adam!

Adam turned 26 on monday (7/27) so to celebrate we went to Disneyland! It was so much fun! You get in free for your birthday so we decided to go for the day. We ran around like crazy and were so exhausted when we got back to our hotel we just crashed. My favorite ride was indiana jones and Adams was space mountain. We spent a hot 2 hours in the sun waiting for splash mountain (our biggest mistake.) But we spent over 12 hours in the park so we were able to do all of the big rides. We still didn't see it all so we will have to go back for my birthday! yay!
Cinderella's castle at night, although you can't see it very well in this picture.

mmmm, gumbo in new orleans village. I love you Adam, happy birthday!