Wednesday, October 27, 2010

St George Marathon

I guess I'm crazy cause I did it again. Adam, Connie, and Abby came to support me and we had such a fun weekend. We were able to stay in a friends condo down there, which was way better than last year when Adam and I slept for about 3 hours in the back of Connie's car. We got in late friday night so they didn't get much time with me before I was limping. The marathon was beautiful and is so amazingly well organized. It was hot! By the end I was melting! It was great to have family at the finish line. Thanks guys!
And this is the reward I got. Two huge blisters! I swear I didn't even know I had them until I took my socks off in the car on the way back to the condo. I said "oh, my feet are sore" so I had everyone's attention in the car. Adam, Abby, and Connie were staring at my feet as I peeled my socks off and I heard a horrified squealing from the back seat, then Connie said, "oh it's like a red gummy candy!"
I've never had blisters like these. I guess this is why they say break in your shoes. Mine were only a few weeks old.