Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Belize 2011

A few weeks ago we got back from Belize! We visited our friend Kib in San Ignacio for a few days, then drove to Placencia a beach town a few hours away. Here are some of our pics!

This is a little shop in San Ignacio that had delicious desserts! mmmm..... The food in San Ignacio is so delicious. We lived on fresh fruit juice and burritos.

These are Kibs neighbors. They are all so sweet!

This is a cave we visited that you canoe through. The cave was used in Mayan times to worship. They would sacrifice young girls in the cave and it was considered a great honor to the family. A shelf in the cave had 28 skeleton on it.

Mangrove trees

Outside the cave was a sweet little spider monkey named Mango. I brought it an orange so it immediatley loved me. She clinged to me and when I tried to pass her to adam she started biting his head.

I loved the houses!

Banana trees
This is outside of the condo we stayed at in placencia
We went on a few hikes to waterfalls at the Jaguar preserve. The trees are so big and beautiful.