Thursday, April 5, 2012

Ethiopia- day 15!

M waving (my friends little girl) I am so excited her mommas coming in 6 days!
The Barry's cleared and are on a jet home right now! Tears.

Addis receiving his traditional Ethiopian outfit from West Sands.
Addis is such a stud!

grinding spices for our yummy food! I wish you could smell it, it's so fragrant.

Isaiah, Sembret, and Zaidee bug.
I love these ladies!
Crocheting a cover for the injera baskets.

Well what a fun day! The Barry's left today, boo. They were so fun :( Zaidee is learning to use her legs and standing with my help! It's so cute she concentrates, then gets really excited! All of the sweet nannies LOVE having their pictures taken. It's so funny, they regroup and start yelling at people to get in HA!
Our friends the Adam's cleared in Nairobi for one of their babes today YIPPEE!


  1. What a great time that must be. Enjoy!!!

  2. I'm enjoying following your journey! Thanks for sharing!!!