Saturday, March 31, 2012

Ethiopia- day 10

Hair bows for Cella

Me in my Ethiopian dress
Today we said goodbye to Cella, and her momma, sister, and popa. I made her some hair bows as a goodbye gift. What do you think?
Zaidee and I hung out with the nannies today. When I came out in my traditional Ethiopian dress they swarmed me. They were so excited and giggling! They were all showing me how to wear the scarf and kissing Zaidee. I love them all so much! They are teaching me Amharic and I'm getting pretty good at it!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Ethiopia- day 9, sent to Nairobi

I got a beautiful scarf and some paper bead necklace's from the market today. How do you like my model?

Betty and I at Kaldi's Coffee
Some sights I saw on the way to the market

Sambussa and fries from Kaldi's Coffee. Sambussa is a dough that you can fill with meat or lentils that is deep fried, yum!

Well, our case has been sent to the USCIS office in Nairobi, Kenya for review. This could potentially be very bad if they request more evidence from us. We would have to do our own full fledged investigation. But we are happy to have movement and praying we get cleared right away. Please pray with us :)

Today we went to the market, I got some beautiful necklace's, a doll, a scarf and a few dresses. We also went to Kaldi's Coffee, it's a rip off version of Starbucks. It's strange because it's like your sitting in a nice Starbucks in the US, then you look out the window and see tin shanty's and extreme poverty. Zaidee is doing great, I can't wait to get her home and in her daddy's arms!

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Ethiopia- day 8!

Snuggling' with Betty, she's so sweet!
We said goodbye to the Cochren's today. I'm sad to see them go, but so happy for them! As they left all of the nanny's and kids surrounded them to say goodbye, it was so sweet.
Farewell coffee ceremony.

Avocado Juice, It's kind like a sweet, smooth pudding.

Laughing at woudneh
Zaidee has been so fun! She's been laughing a lot. She is very ticklish, but I try not to tickle her too much because I feel bad. She wakes up once during the night for a bottle around 2am. And wakes up pretty early. She is very squirmy, and loves kicking her legs. She's very good at holding her head up for tummy time. And she babbles all the time. She loves me! She stares at me a lot, and watches me as I move around the room. I love it!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Ethiopia- One Week!


Z and M chillin in the heat
Taking the girls for a walk, I've been taking turns taking the kiddos for a walk in the stroller. All of the kiddos love it!
kolo, an Ethiopian snack. One of the nannies shared with me.

An Ethiopian Orthodox church (jate kidanemihiret.) This is the view from my balcony of the church. You can hear the priests prayers over the intercom all night on sunday, and during the day on certain days. It's really load!
This is the view right below the church
Mmm nothing like icy cold coke light from the bottle.

It was a beautiful sunny day today, lovin' on all of these kids, life is good.

Ethiopia- day 6

Snugglin' with my love
Trying squash and lovin' it. I have to pin her arms down

Such a poser.
Takin' a bath on the balcony
Today was a pretty chill day. We took two naps, painted some nannies nails, and chatted with some other families about adoption. More later xoxo

Monday, March 26, 2012

Ethiopia- day 5

"Tedbob" braided my hair!

"Asacarlat" holding Zaidee bug
Going for a walk around the transitional home.
Today I took Zaidee for a walk in a stroller. She loved it and all of the kids and nannies did too. All of the kids wanted to take turns pushing her, it was so cute. One of the nannies braided my hair, what do you think?
Some of the other guests today were talking about the water and how you have to get bottled water, Woudneh the director, told us a story of how when he was a soldier people would die so often from thirst. They would drink their own urine and water with worms in it. He said that one of the wells in the desert had a dead body in it and they would all drink out of it because they were so thirsty, and had no other means of water. 3.575 million people die each year from water-related disease. Woudneh and his wife are both such wonderful people and so passionate about improving their country. Betty has a clean water project going and Woudneh just opened a school for 200 orphans that are "not adoptable." They are both such amazing people. Other west sands/lifeline families get excited to meet them, they will show you a great time!