Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas morning and a baby update

 For Christmas Zaidee got this adorable baby doll and stroller. It was so cute when she opened it, she squealed with joy and immediately began trying to get her out of the package. She loves to give her baby a bottle, pat her back and tell her nigh nigh. It's crazy that a year ago we were so excited and couldn't wait to meet Zaidee. We knew that this Christmas would be really special and it was. Zaidee makes everything more fun, and we are both so so lucky to be her parents :)
A little baby update, I am 38 weeks, Last week two doctors tried to turn this little girl from the breech position with no success. And let me say it was the most painful thing ever! I was clinging to the bed, biting my lip off and kicking my feet uncontrollably. They tried turning her both ways but she wouldn't budge. Afterwards my hands were shaking uncontrollably, I was pale and my lips were blue and Adam said I looked like a trauma patient. I was so sad she wouldn't turn but I had a feeling she might not, because she has been in the breech position since the first time I saw her on the ultrasound, and felt her from the outside, for as long as I can remember her head has been right by my bellybutton. And I've been trying everything to get her to move. So plan B is I have and appt. with the only doctor at the U that will deliver breech babies vaginally and if I don't meet his criteria I will be getting a C Section probably some time next week (they want to do it at 39 weeks.) I am excited and anxious to meet this little girl :) I can't believe how quick it's coming up!

 getting a ride from her cousin.
Christmas Bingo

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  1. What a special time in your life...Zaidee's first Christmas and the birth of your new baby!!! Praying that you are able to have natural birth and that the transition to having two kids is a smooth one! God bless!!!