Friday, February 15, 2013

My Valentines

 This year I got two beautiful girls to spend the love day with! My first valentines day with both my girls :)
 I made these valentines with Zaidee's hands and Rosie's feet. Adam took step 3 of the board exams on valentines day so I woke up early and made him breakfast.

 I also made him this candy bouquet.
 Crepes with white chocolate raspberry ice cream, chocolate chips, raspberry syrup, and whipped topping : ) Yes, it was more of a dessert then breakfast.
 Zaidee found this valentine on our porch :) Thanks Grammy.

 We enjoyed Pei Wei for lunch with Grandma.
 And delivered some valentines.

 Then we went to chili's for a family valentine's dinner.

 Making sugar cookies at Shannon's. mmmmmm