Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rosie is one month old!

 Isn't she just the most darling tiny thing! She is so sweet and fun to snuggle. She loves to be held constantly, especially high up on the shoulder or facing out. She also loves taking a bath, but HATES getting out (I don't blame her.) She loves to stare at faces and she sleeps on her side and smiles a lot in her sleep. She loves sounds, the sound of running water or my treadmill calm her down and put her right to sleep. She tends to get fussy in the evening so we have to pace the house with her to keep her happy. She sleeps really well through the night, only waking up a few times to feed and then she goes right back to sleep. Zaidee LOVES her. She loves kissing her and now when I ask her for a kiss if I'm holding the baby she just wants to kiss her :( Now sorry for the excessive pics but my girls are just too cute to pick just a few.

 Today I painted Zaidee's toes, I was quite proud. Anyone who knows Zaidee knows she doesn't hold still. Sesame street did the trick.
 Those eyelashes and pouty lips are so sweet and adorable!

 Having fun on he new slide!

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  1. Sweet, Sweet, SWEET all the pictures!